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Andorra Diner: Bullion from the Pyrenees

The Principality of Andorra is a landlocked microstate in Southwestern Europe, located in the eastern Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France. It is the sixth smallest nation in Europe, having an area of 468 sq. km and an estimated population of 85,000 in 2012. Its capital, Andorra la Vella, is the highest capital city in Europe, at an elevation of 1,023 m. above sea level. The official language is Catalan.

Andorra lacked a currency of its own and until 31 December 1999 used both French and Spanish currencies, in fact coins and notes of both the franc and the peseta remained legal tender in Andorra until 31 December 2002 when the euro became a de facto currency. Andorra has not yet entered the Eurozone, although negotiated the issue of its own euro coins, beginning in 2014.The country has the unique position of having two heads of state, the Bishop of Urgell and the President of France, referred to as the "co-princes" of Andorra.

The Andorra Eagle Diner is a special bullion coin from Andorra. It has been minted in silver since 2008 and in gold since 2009. The Andorra Eagle bullion coins are issued by the Bavarian State Mint under license from the mini-state of Andorra. The fineness of the coins is 999.9.

The embossed currency is indicated in Andorran diners, a pseudo currency whose name derives from the Roman denarius used by the Andorran Mint (Servei D'Emissions Vegueira Episcopal) to issue collectible and commemorative coins. The mint is not operative at the moment.

Thanks to their supreme German manufacturing quality, highest purity, extremely low mintage and extraordinary origin, Andorra Eagle bullions coins are of unique interest to investors, maintaining at the same time high numismatic value.

The 1 gram Andorra Eagle is the first gold coin in the world to contain exactly 1 gram of 99.99% pure gold and was introduced in 2012. It has a diameter of 13.92 mm and is 0.6 mm thick.

Andorra Diner description

Gold Andorran Eagles are found in 1 oz.(30.01 mm/2.5 mm), 1/2 oz.(25.1 mm/ 0.9 mm), 1/4 oz.(20.10 mm/ 0.8 mm), 1/10(16.5 mm/ 0.6 mm) oz. and 1/20 oz.(1.55 g./ 14.11 mm/ 0.6 mm)denominations with face values of 100, 50, 25, 10 and 5 diners.

On the reverse side of Andorra Gold Eagle Diner coins is an intricately detailed eagle with its elegant wings widespread, as if it were just landing on his nest or simply holding olive branches in its talonsperched on a rock. Above the eagle is the country of issue "ANDORRA", including the information on face value, year of issue, size and fineness of gold.

The obverse screen shows the Andorran coat of arms, which is divided into four areas. In the upper-left section we find the crosier of the bishop of Urgell together with the Mitra (a religious liturgical headdress), while in the lower righttwo cows from the arms of the French province of Bearn are shown. In the other two areas above and below two sets of three and four piles are depicted. The edge of the coin is corrugated.

The Diocese of Urgell is a Roman Catholic diocese in Catalonia, Spain, and Andorra, with origins in the fifth century AD or possibly earlier. It is based in the region of the historical Catalan county of Urgell.

The production of the Andorra Diner coins

The Bavarian Mint, founded in 1158, is currently considered the oldest company in Munich, having existed for over 850 years. It was initially built at the Schrannenplatz (now the Marienplatz), and coins were authorized to be minted the year of its establishment.Since its establishment, the Bavarian Mint has gone to great lengths in order to manufacture gold bullion coins to the highest standards.

The Andorra Mint Quality Assurance

The Andorran Gold Eagle bullion coins have all the required specifics to present excellent ambassadors of the culture and history of their country. Thanks to the Bavarian Mint's advanced refining methods, a continuous improvement of the minting process and the setting of higher standards is guaranteed. As a result it is possible to maintain the production and inspection processes, as well as the secret design security measures for which the Bavarian Mint prides itself.