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1 oz Gold Bar | Kinebar® | Heraeus

1 oz Gold Bar | Kinebar® | Heraeus

[{"range":"1 - 5","min":1,"max":5,"sell_netto_price":1330.29,"sell_brutto_price":1330.29,"sell_netto_price_html":"$1,330.29","sell_brutto_price_html":"$1,330.29"},{"range":"6 - 10","min":"6","max":10,"sell_netto_price":1329.9495,"sell_brutto_price":1329.9495,"sell_netto_price_html":"$1,329.95","sell_brutto_price_html":"$1,329.95"},{"range":"11 - 25","min":"11","max":25,"sell_netto_price":1329.609,"sell_brutto_price":1329.609,"sell_netto_price_html":"$1,329.61","sell_brutto_price_html":"$1,329.61"},{"range":"26 - 50","min":"26","max":50,"sell_netto_price":1329.2685,"sell_brutto_price":1329.2685,"sell_netto_price_html":"$1,329.27","sell_brutto_price_html":"$1,329.27"},{"range":"51 - 100","min":"51","max":100,"sell_netto_price":1328.9279999999999,"sell_brutto_price":1328.9279999999999,"sell_netto_price_html":"$1,328.93","sell_brutto_price_html":"$1,328.93"},{"range":"101 +","min":"101","max":99999999,"sell_netto_price":1328.5875,"sell_brutto_price":1328.5875,"sell_netto_price_html":"$1,328.59","sell_brutto_price_html":"$1,328.59"}]

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The popular Heraeus 1 oz Kinebar®

One ounce of fine 24 carat gold with a purity level of .9999 presented with Kinegram technology on the back of each bar. That's what you get when you buy the 1 oz Heraeus Kinebar with CoinInvest.com.

Heraeus is a prestigious German refinery that has been producing unique products for over 160 years. The Kinebar is available in several sizes and 1 oz is undoubtedly one of the most popular. In fact, UK gold investors favour 1 oz bars and this trend has travelled the globe. These unique gold bars come with an added attraction in the form of a holographic security image on the back. The Kinegram is both attractive and functional and prized by new and established investors.

What makes the 1 oz Kinebar from Heraeus special

  • Each gold bar contains 1 troy ounce of finest 24 carat gold
  • Remarkable level of purity .9999
  • Packaged in securely sealed blister pack (in assay)
  • Unique serial number
  • Certificate of authentication
  • Kinegram technology acts as additional security feature
  • Best prices at CoinInvest.com

Technical specifications

Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Thickness (mm)

40.4 (~1.60 inches)

23.3 (~0.92 inches)

1.8 (~0.07 inches)

Why buy gold with CoinInvest.com?

Because we buy the Heraeus 1 oz Kinebar in large amounts we are able to offer our clients the most attractive prices. Gold is considered a safe haven for capital and each 1 oz bar will increase in value significantly over the years. All orders are shipped promptly so that you can enjoy your purchase as quickly as possible.

  • Country: Germany
  • Weight131.1035g
  • Series: Heraeus Kinebar
  • Purity: 999.9/1000
  • Mint: Heraeus
  • Product packaging: Blister
  • Authenticity guarantee: Certificate
  • Product number: 30021

1 The weight displayed is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.

* The delivered products may vary slightly from the picture shown.

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