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Quality products from a German company with tradition

Heraeus has been active in the field of precious metal processing since its foundation 160 years ago. This experience and the high standards of the German family-owned company make every single ingot an absolute quality product. As such, all ingots are provided with a serial number and are delivered in a representative blister made of environmentally friendly PET. The blister protects the ingots against damage and environmental influences. The supplied certificate is also welded into the blister and forms a visually appealing addition.

Get in now! - With the MultiDisc and the MultiCard

The MultiCard gold bars and MultiDisc gold bars from Heraeus are particularly suitable for beginners and as gifts. The new square format of the 1g bars is used exclusively for the MultiDisc and MultiCard. The MultiDisc also offers a special extra. Thanks to the innovative packaging shape, individual bars can be removed and replaced without damaging the disc. The MultiDisc and the MultiCard are available in the variations 10 x 1g, the Multicard is also available in the format 5 x 1g.

Kinebar® - new design and improved security

With the Kinebar® , Heraeus is setting new standards in safety and design. Every Kinebar® has a holographic Kinegram®, which not only gives the bar its unusual appearance, but also serves as an additional security feature in addition to the serial number and certificate. The Kinegram® is applied transparently to the bar and changes colour depending on the incidence of light. Kinebars® are available in the sizes 1 g, 2 g, 5 g, 10 g, 20 g and 1 ounce. private investors can only obtain precious metal bars from Heraeus through intermediaries. So take your chance today to purchase this German quality product at a favorable price from us.