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'Deutscher Wald' Bullion: The Iconic German Coin

Deutscher Wald gold bullion are your chance to get your hands on an extraordinary collection of impressive German coins celebrating nature found in the Black Forest. Produced to the highest standards of manufacturing and containing a gold purity of 99.99%, the Deutscher Wald is a valuable collector's coin and with low mintages promises to be an excellent asset with which you can diversify your investment portfolio.

Buying 'Deutscher Wald' Gold coins

The impeccable Deutscher Wald gold coins are available for purchase on the CoinInvest online store. All you need to do is make your selection and click on the appropriate image above. You will then be directed to the product description page where you can learn more about each individual coin and add the product to your shopping cart indicated by the orange strip.

The 'Deutscher Wald': a remarkable gold coin series reveling Germany's Black Forest

The Deutscher Wald (German Forest) series of .9999 pure proof quality gold coins was launched in 2010 to pay tribute to one of Germany's greatest Natural treasures, the world famous Black Forest and its incredible flora.

The series became an instant success, and the first issue (the EICHE-Oak) is already a rare collectible piece. There are several reasons why these coins are treasured in the gold bullion market by both savvy investors and updated collectors.

These superb 24 karat gold coins are struck by German mints renowned for the impeccable manufacturing of their products. Yet despite their market value and immense collectible appeal, the Deutscher Wald are surprisingly affordable.

These coins are also the first in Europe to carry a nominal value of 20 euros, which certainly gives them extra worth as there are very few small gold bullion coins denominated in Europe's common currency.

Since the introduction of the euro such coins are in great demand, and for the past 5 years gold lovers have had a new opportunity to combine their passion for collecting coins with a great investment. However, the yearly mintage of the Deutscher Wald is strictly limited to 200,000 pieces (40,000 coins per mint) so you will have to act quickly if you want to add one of these rare and precious coins to your collection. You can place an order in advance by contacting

Finally the cultural significance of the Deutscher Wald cannot be overlooked. The "Black Forest" has been described as a longing landscape in poetry, fables and legends of romance since the early 19th century. History and culture declared the land a symbol of Germanic Art as the nature mysticism of the stylized German national myth Nibelungenlied comes to show.

Without a doubt, Deutscher Wald gold coins are must-have coins both as a clever investment and as an alluring collectible piece. Needless to say, they also make priceless gifts that will be treasured by the recipient.

'Deutscher Wald' description

The Deutscher Wald is 17.50 mm in diameter and 1.15 mm thick. It weighs 3,8875g (1/8oz) of 99.99% fine gold and has a face value of € 20.

The obverse side, designed by engraver Frantisek Chochola, is common for all issues. It features an impressive motif of the Bundesadler or "Federal Eagle" - formerly known as the Reichsadler or "Imperial Eagle" - encircled by 12 stars, representing the original EU state members. Inscribed we find the words "BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTCHLAND" (FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY), the year of issue and the face value of the coin.

On the reverse side of the Deutscher Wald's 2010 issue the leaf motif is dedicated to the Oak, a most common tree in the German Forest. The designs of the following years go as follows: Birch for 2011, Spruce for 2012, Pine for 2013, Chestnut for 2014, and Linden for 2015. At the top we find the inscription "Deutscher Wald" while at the bottom is the German name of the tree each issue is dedicated to: EICHE, BUCHE, FICHTE, KIEFER, KASTANIE, LINDE.

The production of the 'Deutscher Wald' coin

These magnificent 24 karat gold coins are co-produced by the most prestigious German mints and renowned for the precision engineering associated with the country. Each mint is identified by their mint mark.

On the reverse of each Deutscher Wald gold piece we find a letter, "A" indicates the coin was struck at the Berlin Mint (Staatliche Münze Berlin) which has been in operation since 1750 during the era of Frédéric II of Prussia; the letter "D" indicates the Bavarian Central Mint in Munich which has been in operation since 1871, while the letter "J" identifies the Hamburg Mint which opened in 1875, although the earliest coins minted by the Hamburgische Münze date as far back as 834, making it the oldest mint in Germany currently in operation.

German Mint Quality Assurance

The Deutscher Wald highly collectible gold coins are excellent ambassadors of the manufacturing excellence of Germany. Their austere but utterly attractive yearly design, together with the superior German craftsmanship quality, and uncompromised production standards guarantee the numismatic and collecting value of these captivating small pieces of pure gold.

They are also made to precise measurement using the latest technologies and minting techniques that enable refineries to produce precious metal coins that are impossible to counterfeit without being detected by a trained eye.

Selling 'Deutscher Wald' coins

As a leading bullion coin distributor in Europe, CoinInvest is always keen to hear from owners of rare and precious coins such as the Deutscher Wald. We offer very competitive rates at current market prices so if you are looking to cash in on your investment, do not hesitate to contact a member of our friendly and knowledgeable staff who will be happy to calculate an offer on your behalf.

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