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Bullion DNA - a new level of security for collectors and dealers

Bullion DNA is an exciting new technique that allows dealers and investors to verify the authenticity of their Royal Canadian Mint gold and silver bullion coins in an instant. Iconic collector's coins like the Gold and Silver Maple Leaf are valued around the world for their purity and exceptional design features. These sought-after bullion coins from the Royal Canadian Mint are also some of the most secure thanks to outstanding features like intricate engraving, technologically advanced laser marking and precision radial pattern. With Bullion DNA, dealers and collectors now have the added advantage of being able to verify registered bullion coins and bars from the Royal Canadian Mint in a second.

How does instant verification work?

Laser technology is used to micro-engrave each die used to produce Royal Canadian Mint coins with a unique anti-counterfeiting mark - a highly intricate, textured maple leaf. A non-destructive registration process captures the image and its encrypted code for storage in the Mint's secure database. Approved Bullion DNA dealers can then authenticate registered Maple Leaf gold and silver coins in three simple steps using the specialised tool.

  • Step One - Coin is inserted into the device
  • Step Two - A high-resolution photo of the coin is taken
  • Step Three - Bullion DNA server scans its database and can tell in an instant if the coin is registered with the Royal Canadian Mint.

Advantages for investors

  • Instant visual authentication of Gold and Silver Maple Leaf coins
  • An extra layer of validation when purchasing bullion coins and bars
  • Confidence that bullion products purchased from an authorised Bullion DNA dealer like CoinInvest.com are 100% authentic

Bullion DNA Technology

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