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Racing Bike | Gold


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  • Product number: P0145

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  • By , United Kingdom /Jan 5, 2021
    Olivander Tibius Hodgkins
    A good starter for Sabrina with adjustable saddle. Theodore outgrew his quickly so it was melted down into a set of grills for Esmarelda.
  • By , Spain /Dec 18, 2020
    Does it come in another colour?
  • By , Ireland /Sep 7, 2020
    Head turner
    Head tuner everywhere I go, the lads thinks it’s the bomb, asking me here’s mr bling
  • By , Denmark /Jun 26, 2020
    Great for mountain biking
    Took it for some downhill mountain biking after having installed an electric motor on it.
  • By , USA /Nov 15, 2019
    Solid Bike for People On a Budget
    I try to keep a tight budget, so when I saw this bike for $445,000, I knew I had to grab this deal before someone else. I actually bought 2, just in case one breaks, or if a friend comes over and we want to bike together.
  • By , United Kingdom /Feb 21, 2018
    mr ousey
    Good down hill but going up hill is a killer