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StartseiteGoldmünzenMaple Leaf1/4 oz Maple Leaf | Gold | 2020
1/4 oz Maple Leaf | Gold | 2020
Royal Canadian Mint

1/4 oz Maple Leaf | Gold | 2020


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1/4 oz Maple Leaf Gold Coin (2020)

Symbolizing strength, endurance, and unity, the Maple Leaf has been an iconic representation of Canada since precolonial times. It importance first originated amongst the indigenous people who used the Maple Tree as an important food source. This was later passed on to French and British settlers who were not previously accustomed to such harsh winters and scarce food resources. It’s symbolism for strength and unity originated from this historical context of both survival and connectivity to the local people and land. Throughout the years, the Maple Leaf has progressed to also symbolize peace, and tolerance which are foundational pillars of Canadian citizens.

Coin Highlights:

Contains 1/4 troy ounce of pure .9999 fine 24 carat gold

Can be used as legal tender and has a face value of 10 CAD

The coins obverse features a profile of Queen Elizabeth II

The reverse side features the iconic feature of the Maple leaf

Coin is backed by the Royal Canadian Mint

VAT free

Highlights for investors:

In terms of sales volumes, the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin is one of the most popular coins currently minted by a government. Its shining gold properties and iconic feature of the Canadian Maple Leaf make this coin instantly recognizable. This coin is an excellent choice for investors and collectors alike.

The new 2020 1/4 oz Maple Leaf Gold Coin contains 1/4 troy ounce of pure .9999 24 carat gold. The obverse features a profile image of Queen Elizabeth II and the reverse the iconic Maple Leaf which is also featured on the Canadian flag. The coin has a face value of 10 CAD and can be used as legal tender.

  • Land: Kanada
  • Feingewicht17.7758g
  • Serie: Maple Leaf
  • Prägestätte: Royal Canadian Mint
  • Reinheit: 999.9/1000
  • Durchmesser, mm: 20.00
  • Nennwert: 10
  • Währung: Kanadische Dollar
  • Produktverpackung: Eingeschweißt in Plastik
  • Großverpackung: 20 in Folie eingeschweißt
  • Artikelnummer: 104267

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