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Vienna Philharmonic, 1oz Silver, 2013


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    Vienna Philharmonic

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    Austrian Mint
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    20 per tube, 500 per box
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These coins are delivered in tubes of 20 pieces.
Single coins can also be ordered.

Vienna Philharmonic Series:


Vienna Philharmonic: The Purest Gold Bullion In The World

Struck in pure 24-carat gold, the Vienna Philharmonic enjoys a high liquidity which makes it one of the most popular bullion coins amongst investors. The prized assets are accepted globally which makes trading easy and the gold coins are eligible for pension funds which make them an excellent option to diversify your investment portfolio.

Buying Vienna Philharmonic coins

Vienna Philharmonic bullion is available to buy online from the CoinInvest store. We offer excellent prices for these prized assets. To purchase, simply select the coin you would like and add to your basket by clicking in the green strip under volume pricing in the coins product page.

The coins are available in gold and silver versions. You will note the value printed on the coin is depicted in Euros, but the sum engraved on the coins only represents the face value and is not the true worth – that is much higher and is calculated based on the latest spot prices which can be found on the internet.

Vienna Philharmonic Coins:An investment in tradition

The Austrian Mint has a history that dates back more than 800 years and during that time have pushed the boundaries that constantly improve the manufacturing and security of their gold and silver coins. Steeped in tradition, the Vienna Philharmonic is one of the world’s finest hard assets and is backed by the Austrian National Bank.

The Vienna Philharmonic was first struck in 1989 to honour the unrivalled classical traditions and rich cultural heritage of Austria’s capital. Bearing the same name as the world renowned orchestra, the coin boasts an award-winning design and is struck in pure .9999 gold. They have been the best-selling coin in the world three times, in 1992, 1995 and 1996, and are still amongst the most popular investments because of the high degree of security and liquidity they offer investors.

At the time of its inauguration, when European countries still had their own currencies, the Philharmonic was the most valuable gold coin in the world. Even today, it is the only gold coin to be circulated in two different denominations; the Austrian Schilling and the Euro. The coins are typically struck in four sizes; 1 oz. ½ oz. ¼ oz. and 1/10 oz. The only exception to the regular circulation coins are the special edition products struck in significant anniversary years.

Philharmonic anniversary years

The most valuable and prized Vienna Philharmonic gold coins was manufactured from pure .9999 gold in 2004 to mark the coins 15th anniversary. Affectionately nicknamed “Big Phil” the coin weighs an astonishing 1000 ounces and carries a nominal value of €100,000. Its dimensions were increased ten-fold over the original one ounce coin to yield a diameter of some 37cm and a thickness of 2cm. The only coin to eclipse this feat is the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf has a face value of $1m Canadian dollars, thus around €686.461.

Only fifteen 100 ounce Philharmonics were made and were unveiled in front of the Weiner Riesenrad Ferris Wheel in Vienna. One of the valuable coins is exhibited in the foyer of the headquarters of the German private bullion company pro aurum based in Munich.

Other anniversary coins followed to mark the Philharmonics 20th and 25th anniversary, but the minting process was not quite so ambitious, albeit still a feat to be proud of. In keeping with symbolic years, the coins 20th birthday was appreciated with a 20 troy ounce coin carrying a face value of €2000 and in 2014 to celebrate the 25th anniversary, the Austrian Mint produced a diminutive 1/25th version with a face value of €4. To amplify the significance of the anniversary however, 5000 proof sets were produced featuring the two original size coins, the one ounce and the ¼ oz.

Vienna Philharmonic description

The classic award-winning design of the Vienna Philharmonic coins was designed by Austrian engraver, Thomas Pesendorfer in 1989 to commemorate the world famous orchestra the city is famed for. The obverse side features the great organ which resides in the Musikverein concert hall which is home to the orchestra. The face value, weight, .9999 purity and year are also featured.

On the reverse side is the remaining collection of instruments associated with the Vienna orchestra, namely four violins, a Viennese horn, a string bass, a bassoon and a harp. The inscription WIENER PHILHARMONIKER is written in German.

The production of the Vienna Philharmonic coins

The Austrian Mint also produces a silver Vienna Philharmonic as an investment coin in both gold and silver precious metals. The amount of coins produced on an annual basis depends on demand and is minted to the highest standards of production anywhere in the world.

The first step of the minting process is to melt the precious metals in a furnace in order to produce coils measuring up to 40 metres ling and typically weighing one tonne. The coils are then pressed into rolls and cut into blanks. The energy conscious Mint channel the excess heat at this stage to warm the water that is used later in the process.

The coin designs, created by in-house numismatic artists, are then printed on the blanks using digital technology to produce a die which is then cut by an engraving machine with an astonishing accuracy of some 0.001mm. The die is then struck using a coining machine to embed the design.

When producing gold and silver coins, precision and purity take top priority, but with the advanced technology used by the Austrian Mint, the coining press can produce 750 coins a minute. However, the quality of the coins are individually checked by hand several times over before being packaged and sent to the Austrian Central Bank.

Austrian Mint Quality Assurance

The Austrian Mint produced special uncirculated coins and proof coins for distribution. Designed to meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and precision that can only be achieved using state-of-the-art technology. As a result, Vienna Philharmonic are manufactured to the highest level of mintage that is practically impossible to copy.

Furthermore, manufacturing security measures are supported by a certificate of authenticity to produce by the Austrian Mint so investors can be assured they are receiving top-quality, genuine bullion products.

Selling Vienna Philharminc coins

CoinInvest GmbH are always interested in gold and silver bullion coins owners have for sale. As one of the leading dealers in Europe, we offer very competitive rates based on the latest spot prices. If you have any Vienna Philharmonic coins for sales get in touch with one of our friendly sales team who will prepared a price and confirm the offer by email.

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