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Vienna Philharmonic, 1oz Silver, 2013


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    Vienna Philharmonic

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    Austrian Mint
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    20 per tube, 500 per box
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These coins are delivered in tubes of 20 pieces.
Single coins can also be ordered.

Vienna Philharmonic Series:



Vienna Philharmonic



Vienna Philharmonic – a cheap but world-class bullion


The Vienna Philharmonic is Europe´s player in the international environment of top coins and complies with every claim you can make to a modern bullion coin. A very high purity rate, splendid minting quality, grand design with an absolute competitive price: These are the features of the Vienna Philharmonic Coins.



Buying or selling Vienna Philharmonic


With CoinInvest you can buy Vienna Philharmonics closer to the time, safely, cheaply and in any quantity. If you want to sell Vienna Philharmonics you can do so with fair prices via CoinInvest.



Vienna Philharmonics: Weight, Nominal and Specifications


The Philharmonic is minted in 4 different weights with the following specifications and nominals


- Philharmonic 1 oz: nominal: 100 EUR, weight: 31.103 g, diameter: 37.0 mm, thickness 2.0 mm


- Philharmonic (only Gold) 1/2 oz: nominal: 50EUR, weight: 15.552 g, diameter: 28.0 mm, thickness 1.6 mm


- Philharmonic (only Gold) 1/4 oz: nominal: 25EUR, weight: 7.776 g, diameter: 22.0 mm, thickness 1.2 mm


- Philharmonic (only Gold) 1/10 oz: nominal: 10EUR, weight: 3.121 g, diameter: 16.0 mm, thickness 1.2 mm

The stated weight is the fine weight, which means the pure gold weight. The Vienna Philharmonic, however, is minted with an assay of 999.9 / 1000 so pure, that you can only measure the difference between the net, or fine weight, to the gross in a ultra sensitive precision balance.



Vienna Philharmonic: Minting History


The Vienna Philharmonic was first minted in 1989 with the weights of 1 oz and ¼ oz (only Gold) and belongs therefore to the classics of the bullion coins that earned their excellent reputation over the time of numerous years.The 1/10 oz Vienna Philharmonic Gold has being minted since 1991 and the ½ oz Gold since 1994. Due to the fact that the Vienna Philharmonic has already existed before the introduction of the euro, the editions until the year 2001 show the nominal in Austrian Schilling (ATS):


- Gold Philharmonic 1 oz: 2000 ATS


- Gold Philharmonic ½ oz: 500 ATS


- Gold Philharmonic ¼ oz: 500 ATS


- Gold Philharmonic 1/10 oz: 200 ATS


The big success, that made the coins famous far beyond the Austrian border, prompted the mint “Münze Österreich AG” to issue the Vienna Philharmonic Silver with a nominal of 1.50 Euro for the first time in 2008. This high-quality silver coin has reached the same global awareness and popularity as the Vienna Philharmonic Gold in the meantime.



Vienna Philharmonic: Design and Name


The front of the Austrian gold coin shows the renowned organ of the Great Vienna musical society, as well as the nominal, the year of minting, the fine weight in ounces, the purity and the words “Republik Österreich” meaning Republic of Austria. The back shows musical instruments of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, after which the coin is named. A horn, a harp, a bassoon, and four violins surround a cello beneath the words “Wiener Philharmoniker”.


Thomas Pesendorfer sketched the design of the Vienna Philharmonic coin. He stayed with the mint “MünzeÖsterreich” after his professional education and since 1994 he is in chief engraver.



Vienna Philharmonic: price, number in circulation, competition


The Vienna Philharmonic is minted unlimitedly according to real demand. It is therefore a pure bullion coin that can be bought for the current price plus a small surcharge. The smallest surcharge can be found when buying the standard size of 1 oz, whereas, smaller coins have a slightly higher surcharge. The proportional production costs rise for decreasing masses produced.


The Vienna Philharmonic, as a typical bullion coin, is comparable to other bullion coins like the Krugerrand (South Africa), the Maple Leaf (Canada) or the American Gold Eagle (USA) and the Libertad (Mexico). These together constitue the elite of the modern bullion coins.



Do you know “Big Phil”?


A special edition of the Vienna Philharmonic from the year 2004 is called the “Big Phil”. This name is justified since the Big Phil was only minted 15 times and weighs 1000 ounces or 31.103 kg. In 2011, when the gold price was at its highest, the pure material value of one Big Phil mounted to over 1 million euros.

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