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10 Euro "Hercules", 10gr | 10g Silver BU, 2012


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France, in contrast to Germany, is one of the countries which still releasing its 10 Euro silver commemorative coins at face value. The coins were minted from 10g genuine 500/1000 silver, and are very popular with collectors also because of their impressive designs. The 2012 edition was minted in BU quality by the "Monnaie de Paris". The edition is limited to only 10,000 copies, making this silver coin a real collector's item.

The subject of Hercules on the obverse of the coin, a modified version by Joaquin Jimenez of Dupré's Hercules, has already been used on some French coins including during the Napoleonic era, and commemorate in this case the 5, 10 and 50 francs coins that were in circulation in the 1970s and 80s. France began with the 5 Francs coin in 1960 to bring bullion coins into circulation and maintained this until the conversion from Francs to the EURO. The two women standing on the right and left of Hercules and who are being protected by him, symbolize freedom ("Liberte") and equality ("Egalite"). The stripes in the background represent the French blue white and red flag.

The motive of the demigod and son of the Greek god Zeus is very popular because it is probably the most famous character in Greek mythology and represents power and strength.

The inscriptions here are "LIBERTE, EGALITE, FRATERNITE" and the year of issue "2012".

The back of the silver commemorative coin with a diameter of 29mm, depicts a so-called French Hexagon (3 hexagons) that surround an oak and a laurel branch and the inscriptions "EURO 10" (nominal) and “REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE "(issuing country).

The purchase of this 10-Euro silver coin is a risk-free investment, since the coin can never be worth less than 10 Euro because its cash value is guaranteed by the state.

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