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Nugget | Kangaroo, 1oz Gold, 2013


  • Country
  • Weight1
  • Series

    Australian Kangaroo/Nugget

  • Mint
    The Perth Mint Australia
  • Purity
  • Product packaging
    Plastic capsule
  • Face value
  • Currency
    Australian Dollar
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1 The weight displayed here is the fine metal content of the item. It does not reflect the actual weight of the product which may be higher.

* The delivered products may slightly vary from the shown picture.

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The coin comes in a PVC capsule like all Perth Mint coins.

Australian Kangaroo/Nugget Series:

Australian Nugget


Australien Nugget / Kangaroo – pure gold, enthralling design


The gold coin Nugget / Kangaroo has been issued by the Australian mint "Perth Mint“ since 1986.


The very high gold content and the small surcharge to the gold price turn the bullion coin into an ideal storage of value for you. Furthermore, the Gold Kangaroo is very popular among collectors of gold coins due to his diversified design.



Buying or selling Australian Nugget /Kangaro


With CoinInvest you can buy the Australian Nugget / Kangaroo for a fair price as usual. If you are in possession of Australian Nuggets / Kangaroo and you would like to sell them – you can always do so via CoinInvest for a fair purchase price.



Numerous names for one gold coin


For the gold coins of the series “The Australian Nugget / Kangaroo Gold Bullion Coin” exist numerous names that are in use.


- (Australian) Nugget / Kangaroo


- (Australian) Nugget


- (Australian) Kangaroo


- (Australian) Gold Nugget


- (Australian) Gold Kangaroo


The reason: Between the years 1986 until 2007 the series was simply named “Australian Gold Nugget”. The “gold nuggets” that originally gave the name to the gold coin were only the coin´s motive during the years 1986 to 1989. Since 1990 alternating kangaroos have been the motive of the Australian gold coin. Since 2008 all coins with a weight of 1 oz (1 fine ounce = 31.1 g) or less are officially called “Australian Kangaroo”, whereas, the heavier gold coins by Perth Mint are called “Australien Nugget”. In Germany you can also use the terms “Australien Nugget”, “Australian Kangaroo”, or “Australian Nugget Kangaroo”.


In order to be able to distinct the Kangaroo Gold Coins from the silver coins by the Australian Royal Mint – one does add “gold” to the name. The silver coins by the Australian Royal Mint also have “Kangaroo” in the name but there is no link to the popular series of the Perth Mint.



Nugget / Kangaroo Specifications


- 1/20oz gold coin: fine weight*: 1.55 g, denomination**: 5 AUD, diameter: 14.10 mm,thickness: 1.40 mm


- 1/10oz gold coin: fine weight: 3.11 g, denomination: 15 AUD, diameter: 16.10 mm,thickness: 1.30 mm


- 1/4oz gold coin: fine weight: 7.78 g, denomination: 25 AUD, diameter: 20.10 mm,thickness: 1.80 mm


- 1/2oz gold coin: fine weight: 15.55 g, denomination: 50 AUD, diameter: 25.10 mm,thickness: 2.20 mm


- 1oz gold coin: fine weight: 31.10 g, denomination: 100 AUD, diameter: 32.10 mm,thickness: 2.65 mm


- 2 oz gold coin: fine weight: 62.21 g, denomination: 200 AUD, diameter: 40.40 mm,thickness: 3.35 mm


- 10oz gold coin: fine weight: 311 g, denomination: 1000 AUD, diameter: 59.70 mm,thickness: 7.65 mm


- 1kg gold coin: fine weight: 1000 g, denomination: 3000 AUD, diameter: 74.50 mm,thickness: 15.80 mm



*The fine weight describes the pure gold weight. The fine weight of the GoldKangaroo is nearly identical to the gross weight (the overall weight) due to the purity rate of 999 / 1000.


**The denomination in AUD (Australian Dollars) makes the Gold Kangaroo an official payment method. However, this must not be mistaken with the significant higher trading value of the coin, which is deduced by the current gold price. For some older editions there exists also an additional collector´s surcharge.



Since 2011 the regular editions of the bullion coin appear in the following standard units and limitations:


- 1kg Gold Nugget (unlimited)


- 1oz Gold Kangaroo (350´000)


- 1/2 Gold Kangaroo (100´000)


- 1/4 Gold Kangaroo (150´000)


- 1/10 Gold Kangaroo (200´000)



Red Kangaroo 2011: the largest, heaviest and most valuable gold coin in the world


The Perth Mint succeeded in minting a master piece with the special edition of the Gold Kangaroo. The coin with the motive of a red kangaroo has a diameter of 80cm, a thickness of 12 cm and a fine weight of 1012 kg – more than a ton. Behind the nominal of 1 million AUD of this world record coin hides the real gold price of 53 million AUD. As a result, the “Red Kangaroo” is the largest, heaviest and most valuable gold coin that has ever been minted.



Australian Nugget / Kangaroo: Design Motive Side


The depicted nuggets on the motive side (the obverse) from the years 1986 until 1989 represent the famous gold discoveries with imaginative names like “Welcome Stranger”, “Hand of Faith” or “Little Hero”. The kangaroo motive that has been in use since the 1990s changes every year and is characterized by its diversity. Moreover, the obverse shows the writing “AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO” or “AUSTRALIAN NUGGET”, as well as, the purity rate “Gold 9999” and the minting year.



AustralianNugget / Kangaroo: Design Back Side


The back side (the revers) of the Nugget /Kangaroo shows a portrait of Queen Elisabeth II. The Queen of Great Britain is also the formal Head of the Commomwealth. The design, by Ian Rank Broadley, that has been in use since 1998 shows the monarch in advanced age. Additionally, there are the nominal and the writings “AUSTRALIA” and “ELISABETH II” as circumscriptions on the back side of the Kangaroo Nugget gold coin.

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