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American Eagle, 5 Dollar, 1/10oz Gold, 2014


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    American Eagle

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    United States Mint
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First introduced in 1986, the American Eagle gold coin is a leading gold bullion coin choice among investors across the world.

After careful consideration, the United States Mint decided to copy the design of the $20 Saint-Gaudens gold coin for the obverse (front) of its new American Eagle. The date, situated to the viewer's right of Miss Liberty, appears in Roman Numerals in the years from 1986-91 it has appeared in Arabic Numerals ever since.

The design on the reverse (back) by Miley Busiek captures a bald eagle swooping into a nest holding its family. Also included are the words "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA", "E PLURIBUS UNUM", and "IN GOD WE TRUST". The amount of gold content and its corresponding face value are shown as well.

American Eagle gold coins are minted exclusively from gold mined in the United States. The coins combine 24-karat gold with small amounts of alloy to ensure a minimum of scratching and marring; the result is a 22-karat gold coin. Each one-ounce American Eagle contains one full ounce of pure gold.

American Eagles maintain a unique advantage over most other gold bullion coins - the United States government guarantees their gold content, weight and purity. For this reason, American Eagle gold coins can easily be bought and sold almost anywhere in the world, making these coins among the most commonly traded gold bullion coins on the market.

Denomination: $ 5

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