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All gold bars have been inspected and have a fineness of 999/1000.

Manufacturer: Degussa

Gold Bullion Series:

The Gold Bullion

The gold bullion is the ideal option for you if you like to invest your money into gold. Long-term stability of value, the protection of inflation and the beauty of gold speak for this classic investment.

Gold Bullion Price

The price for gold bullions is deduced by the international trading price for gold. When the gold price rises, the costs for a gold bullion rises too, on the other hand, when the gold price decreases you can buy gold bullions cheaper.

Unfortunately, you always have to pay a premium to the current gold price since the gold bullions also need to be produced, transported and stored. As a rule of thumb: the larger and heavier the gold bullion is the lower is the premium. The reason for this is the fact that the proportional production costs are lower for larger bullions.

Gold Bullions Weight

The offer of gold bullions that you can find on our website includes:

- 1 g gold bullions

- 2 g gold bullions

- 2.5 g gold bullions

- 5 g gold bullions

- 10 g gold bullions

- 20 g gold bullions

- 1oz gold bullions (1 oz = a fine ounce = approx. 31.1 g)

- 50 g gold bullions

- 100 g gold bullions

- 250 g gold bullions

- 10 oz gold bullions

- 500 g gold bullions

- 1kg gold bullions

The diversified offer of gold bullions shows clearly that gold bullions fit as investment for every income bracket. If your financial limit does not allow you to buy large gold bullions, you should not hesitate to buy smaller gold bullions due to the slightly higher premium ( or “Agio” in the technical terminology) for small gold bullions, because when you will sell them again, you will also be able to profit from a higher price.

Gold Bullions Purity

For gold jewellery the level of purity is usually 833 / 1000 or less. However, gold bullions have almost always a very high level of purity. Most manufacturers offer gold bullions with a purity degree of 99.99% (Gold 999.9). The declared weight always describes the fine weight which means the pure gold weight. A gold bullion 100 g with Gold 999.9 includes 100.0 g gold + 1/10 gram of other metals. 100% pure gold does not exist: neither as gold jewellery or gold bullions nor as gold coins.

Buy Gold without VAT

The very high level of purity of gold bullions gives you another advantage. Legislation freed those gold bullions from the VAT that have a level of purity that is 99.5 % or higher.

Gold Bullion Manufacturers

The gold bullions from our website are produced from legitimate and reliable manufacturers who enjoy a good reputation around the world. These manufacturers are:

- Heraeus (Germany)

- Perth Mint (Australia)

- Umicore / Degussa (Belgium)

- Valcambi (Switzerland)

Sometimes the price list provides you with the hint “various manufactures”. In this case CoinInvestDirect will certainly provide you with high-quality gold bullions 999.9, however, we will choose which manufacturer, according to the availability. If you like to buy a gold bullion from a specific manufacturer or a gold bullion with a certificate you can just choose it from the price list.

Minted and Founded Gold Bullions

One distinguishes two procedures with respect to the production of gold bullions: the minting and the founding. Minted gold bullions are punched out of a thin gold plating, whereas, the gold for founded gold bullions is melted above 1000 ° C and is then given into a bullion stencil. Until 100 g the gold bullions are usually minted and from 250 g they are generally founded.

Minted gold bullions (from the same manufacturer and weight) always appear with a consistent look, whereas, founded gold bullions have a more individual physical appearance since the cooling of the liquid gold is slightly different from one gold bullion to another.


Kinebars are minted gold bullions with a “Kinegram”, a visual safety feature that can also be seen on bank notes, credit cards or different forms of identification. These innovative gold bullions with hologram do not only provide an increased security but also aesthetic quality.

CoinInvestDirect offers Heraeus Kinebars with the weights of 1 g, 2 g, 5 g, 10 g, 20 g and 1 ounce. The manufacturer from the German Hanau holds company shares of the worldwide unique licensee of the Kinebar- Technology for Gold Bullions – Argor Heraeus.


The CombiBar is a rather new product by Valcambi, a leading Swiss refinery and manufacturer of gold bullions. The CombiBar is a minted 50 g gold bullion from which one can detach 50 * 1 g gold bullions without any loss of material.

Sell Gold and Silver

We do not only offer the possibility to buy gold bullions at fair price but you can also sell your gold and silver to us whenever you want. You can extract the purchase prices from the price list on our website. Moreover, you can call us on +44´203´170´55´83 in order that we can fix a price and then you will get a confirmation via E-Mail.  

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